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We coach the total person. Find out how you can benefit from our Current Thinking.


Many coaches have good listening skills. Your coach should be listening for the intent and impact you want to make. What awareness have you brought to the conversation? What is the potential of the thoughts you are expressing? Active listening is listening that explores that potential.


Good coaching happens when a coach's presence becomes secondary to the conversation. The spontaneous coach is fully present, flexible and always ready to take the conversation deeper.


Can your coach ask the powerful questions? You know, the ones that lead to a thoughtful pause and real thought on your part. That's the way a good coach encourages you to "do the work".


At Current Thinking we put the value of insight into our mission. Coaching is an activity for You! When your coach steps back to let you make the conclusions, you truly feel the impact that good coaching can have. Not every insight is a show stopper, but coaching conversations have a way of sneaking up on your thinking and that's when the ideas start to flow.

Fostering leadership and insight, one creative thinker at a time.

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